Northumberland Town, Parish & Community Council Charter

The joint Charter between Northumberland County Council and the Town, Parish and Community Councils of Northumberland has been revised and you can see a copy here

Cllr Alex Wallace, Chair of Northumberland Association of Local Councils has written the foreword:

I am delighted to recommend this revised Charter all to Northumberland’s Parish, Town and Community Councils, to the County Council and to all Councillors and the staff working at all levels of local government within Northumberland as only working together can we achieve our equitable aim - a better local service for all our residents. Revisions have been made to underline the importance of collaborative and partnership working between our Member Councils and the County Council. I am particularly pleased to see the increased emphasis on the role of the County Councillors as being a very good conduit for information to pass in both directions, as was apparent from the results of the survey which has informed the changes.