NALC AGM 9 October 2021 at 10.15 am

These are the papers for the AGM. We hope to have a face-to-face meeting but it may need to move on-line if the pandemic worsens.

If it is a physical meeting then it will take place at the East Bedlington Community Centre, 16 Station Street, Bedlington NE22 7JN. Light refreshments will be available from 9.30 am.

If you are a Councillor or member of staff, you are very welcome.

Please use the free booking link on the email sent to all Member Councils. This enables us to gauge the catering and also to send out a direct email if you have to go on-line. 


April 2021 Meeting of the County Committee

The County Committee are scheduled to meet electonically on Friday 23 April 2021. The agenda and chief officer's report are available.