Draft Safeguarding Policy - March 2019

This is a short version for use by Parish, Town and Community Councils. A Word version is available on request.

List of Policies

This is a schedule based on an article in The Clerk magazine January 2015. The comments are illustrative.

Order of Debate

This is a general flow chart showing a commonly used order of debate. A Council's own standing orders may differ but most will follow this process

Material and Non-Material Planning Considerations

This was prepared in consultation with the three local planning authorities in the Association's area.

Complaints Procedure

This is a complaints procedure produced in 2011 by this Association for the smaller councils

Allotment Tenancy

This is a draft tenancy produced by the Association in 2013

Standing Orders for Smaller Councils

This model was produced in 2015 by the Northumberland Association.

There is also a model produced by the national Association which goes into more detail and which is available from this office